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December 14, 2013
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Shino/Kanna Saki Shinohayu Tsundere Comic P1 by Shizuru1412 Shino/Kanna Saki Shinohayu Tsundere Comic P1 by Shizuru1412
Shiratsuki Shino/Ishitobi Kanna (ShiKan) short comic/doujin.
I'm too lazy to do background and shading, but maybe I'll do it next time~ (never :lol:)
My (future) Shino/Kanna short doujin gallery:…
Next page tomorrow... maybe. :lmao:
Cover when? ... Tomorrow. Maybe. No, really.

Shino/Kanna - Saki Shinohayu - Ritz Kobayashi/Aguri Igarashi
Made with Paint Tool Sai, Ms. Paint (...), and Manga Studio EX 4.0

I would love to draw it all on Manga Studio, but for some weird reason, their pixel system is kinda... weird so I'm never bothered to use them... Their graphic/layout is eye-cancerous... >.>
But maybe that's because I'm not used to them yet.
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Thanks. :)
Those two are my absolute favorite.
I just hope when they appears in Saki they'll still be rabu rabu, :lol: .
Kanna turns dere past high school :lmao:
I would love to see them as an adult pairing. Saki needs more of that!
Sukoyan/Kouko are still awesome, though, but daaaamn Kanna/Shino is close second.
I just hope Shino didn't dump Kanna after she has met her mother.

What do you think of Shino's mom?
She's a wee bit irresponsible to my eyes:

Looking at Shino being friendly with Richardson (oh she doesn't need me anymore : left)
and maybe in the future : Looking at Kanna being tsundere to Shino (... she really doesn't : left)
... sigh. Well, it's not like Shino will ever win the Nationals... Sukoyan will, anyway....
... At least Shino is already winning at life. Lucky girl. :lol:
I'm not sure. To just disappear suddenly like that makes me feel she got in some sort of trouble or bad situation. Richardson seems to be trying to find her too, so who knows? I'm sure they must have filed a police report too.

Yeah, I like Shino a lot. Even if she loses she's still happy that she got to play :)
I can't wait to see Shino got matched up against Sukoyan in individuals.

Because unlike Saki, Shino is the type to go all out in a match... :D
Looks like Shimane Individuals rep will be Shino, Hayarin and Kanna :lol: at least until we discover much....

Shino vs Sukoyan seems like a good match, since Shino will probably beams happily whenever Sukoyan makes awesome hand... and Sukoya, well, she did seem insecure and unsure in mahjong table.

Yeah, I hope that was Nana's case.
Still... she was pretty sleazy and Shino did all the house work. But then again Shino didn't seem to mind. :lol:

Kanna kinda gives me the Ojou-sama vibe. I hope we'll get a chapter on her. :lol:
Also, Shino and Kanna loli biyoris sure will give me diabetes... I pray that's the next biyori chapter (highly unlikely, but still...)
Also between Kanna and Shino, who do you think is the top/more assertive of the two? :)
I see Shino as more assertive. I think she can be happy all the time because she's very confident. Kana I feel is probably just very shy, which I think is what all tsundere's problems are :) I imagine Kana being more assertive to everyone *besides* Shino when they get to know each other really well. What do you think?
It's "Kanna" don't misspell it or you'll get "Ikeda" lol.
Their mahjong club will surely be colourful.
Since Hayari is here, I imagine the future chapters are Kanna / Shino / Hayari 3p teaser- since we all knew who Hayari ended up with... (spook)
And yeah, Kanna turns very dere in bed.
I think Kanna is quite confident, she's just having difficulties expressing her emotions (to Shino) - or just plain overdoing it (to Hayari). But yeah, I think she will still be tsuntsun to Shino, even on high school... with a wee bit of dere side for a short time.
I doubt she's the clingy type, it might be Shino who took initiative on the whole holding hands stuff.
Oh man, Shino/Kanna is one my fave couple with tsundere, still can't beat Sakurako/Himawari though. Double tsundere is just... too yummy.
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